We are The Skills Academy and we have made it our mission to transform education via a single, connected solution providing students with the ability to access personalised resources and tuition to tackle individual misconceptions anytime, anywhere.

We have delivered over 46,000 online lessons to over 3,500 students, an our formative assessment tool, Diagnostic Questions, is absolutely unique in the market and is used by 43% of all secondary schools in the UK, that's 43% and 31,713 Maths teachers.

Providing schools and individuals with excellent tutoring, content and assessment, our goal is to:


The Team

Ben Caulfield : Co-Founder & CEO

Bringing a rich background of experience acquired from previous successes Co-Founding/Consulting on a series of Start Ups, including REQQI, BornTalented and Sandpit Lab, Ben admits that he was not always suited to mainstream education. Consequently the Skills Academy was formed, endeavoring to create a platform where schools, parents, teachers and tutors can collaborate towards student centric goals, where no individual gets left behind.

Ben has made it his mission to craft a more accessible route to extracurricular support for whoever needs it, recognising the critical role played by technology in providing quality, yet affordable bespoke learning.

Craig Barton: Co-Founder & Maths Advanced Skills Teacher

Balancing his role as a Secondary Maths Teacher alongside advising for the Times Educational Supplement and leader of the TES Maths Panel, Craig is firmly established and highly active in the Education environment and knows firsthand the type of support teachers and schools require.

Driven by his passion to optimise the learning process for both teachers and students, Craig is "Mr Barton" and creator of mrbartonmaths.com, a popular website for the sharing of top quality teaching resources. He more recently Co-Founded, Diagnostic Questions, now forming part of The Skills Academy, to continue to provide first class school support.

Simon Woodhead: Co-Founder, EdTech veteran and data analysis expert

Self-proclaimed maths geek, Simon followed on from his PhD to work as Development Director for Autograph Maths, specialising in the visualisation of mathematical concepts. On top of that, he has collaborated with both Oxford University Press and Pearson editing textbooks and developing their digital resources.

Simon now applies his visual mathematical skills to his founding company, Diagnostic Questions, translating infinite student and school statistics into something instantly interpretable and actionable by school stakeholders, that not only facilitate smarter learning but also look great along the way.

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